Project Cargos

We’d love to help you through every phase of your project, start-to-finish.


• Analysis and planning
• Custom crating
• Barrier bagging
• Equipment deconstruction
• Rigging and load out
• Transporting and delivery
• Machinery and equipment installation
• Precision alignment
• Cleanup

If you need help planning a heavy machine move, bring us in early to help you to plan properly.
• Highly skilled project managers
• Qualified tools & equipments
• Specialist in Deconstruction,installation, maintenance
• Safe, efficient, qualified crews
• On time, on budget, every time

• If you need a place to store your heavy machinery and equipment before moving it, or perhaps you have decommissioned and are waiting for a buyer, AEL provides clean safe storage facilities for you. Short-term and long-term storage can be a cost effective way to get your equipment off site and keep it protected.





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