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VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM 2023 – The 30th Vietnam International Exhibitions on Products, Equipment, Supplies for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Hospital and Rehabilitation

– The 10th International Medical Tourism Exhibition in Vietnam – VIETNAM MEDICAL TOURISM 2023

– Preventive Medicine Exhibition 2023

– The 16th Vietnam International Hospital Exhibition – VIETNAM HOSPITAL 2023

– The 12th International Dental Exhibition in Vietnam – VIETNAM DENTAL 2023

– The International Rehabilitation & Healthcare Technology Exhibition – REHAtex Vietnam 2023

The Exhibition attracts more  of 450 enterprises, organizations with many popular brands in the world from 20 countries and regions and also the top of Vietnamese enterprises in selling, manufacturing pharmaceutical and medical equipment…

Main Exhibits include: Medicine; Medical Supplies and Equipment; Clinic and Hospital Furniture and equipment; Dentals Equipment; Surgical Equipment; Diagnostic Equipment, Ophthalmology Equipment; Laboratory Equipment; Equipment for Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Surgery; and Medical Aid Devices; Models, Teaching Aids in Medical and Pharmacy Schools;  Waste Processing Equipment; Medical Technology; Raw Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics Materials; Traditional Vietnamese & Chinese Medicine. Medicine Manufacture Line, Packaging Equipment; Medical Examination and Consultation Services, Insurance, Medical publications; Medical Tourism…

In the Exhibition, there will be many specialize seminars, B2B sessions between international and Vietnam enterprises and many other activities promoting Vietnamese public health.

In order to promote for the Exhibition, the advertising and marketing has been planned and prepare carefully at a wider scale. The Organizer will send more than 50.000 invitations directly to enterprises, manager, researcher, hospital, clinics, medical center and other relate specialist in the country. Exhibition’s information will be posted on media, including televisions, newspaper, radio, online.

The Organizer believed that the success of Vietnam Medi-Pharm will bring opportunities for exhibitors, contribute to the development of Vietnam medical and pharmaceuticals industry and Vietnam national strategy on public health protection and promotion.

👉 From 10 – 𝟏3 May , 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑
👉 At Friendship Cultural Palace – 91 Tran Hung Dao Str., Hanoi
For more info please visit the official website:

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