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Established in April 2011, AEL is the best logistics company in Vietnam & one of Asia Pacific region’s leading providers of integrated transport and logistics solutions. AEL offers a broad portfolio of customized solutions to meet all your logistics needs.

AEL is a private logistics company with offices & agents all over the world, we are a proud member of IELA, WCA and VLA.

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AEL-Vietnam logistics Company


  • Creating the happy working environment like a real family. Where everybody is respected, understood and linked together completely. Everyone is a warrior, fully reveal potential abilities and AEL becomes a great logistics company with professionalism, efficiency & sustainability.
  • AEL passionately serves the best services by full of mindfulness & trust. By enthusiam, professionalism & reasonable rate, we focus on the experience which beyond the client’s expectations & a long lasting effect for whatever AEL has committed


  • As being the best logistics company in vietnam currently therefore AEL is on the way to be in top professional & prestigious logistics companies in not only Vietnam but also international market with our own infrastructures & facilities
  • Being a Number One Exhibitions & Events Logistics Company in Vietnam and Top Ten in the world.

Core Values

1. Respect & Trust

  • At AEL – Asia Expo Logistics company, The clients are always considered as a center with the highest respect. AEL always actively pay attention on clients’ requirements, understanding difficulties therefore possible consulting and providing the most optimal service solutions.
  • In order to provide the most effective service AEL always trust & respect our own staffs with the motto that each individual will be a really valuable and indispensable link in AEL’s chain.

2. Enthusiasm & Conscientiousness

  • In order to serve Clients best, AEL staffs always build up the enthusiastic & conscientious working style. AEL members define the spirit as being hard work as well as always proactively proposing effective solutions to clients, accompanying the Clients with the highest responsibility.

3. Professionalism, Creativity & Efficiency

  • With professionalism & creativity, AEL always aims to the perfection in every step, every specific solution. Basing on the methodic process, effective work management, AEL confidently provides clients comprehensive & creative solutions with the result beyond the expectation.

4. Solidarity

  • AEL always appreciates all visible & invisible values brought by human resourse hence AEL always dignify & build up the solidarity with the fairness, love & willingness to share among AEL members not only in working but also in life then all members in AEL family will stick closely to each other, working together to solve all system problems as well as aiming to the best service & the most effective solutions which exceed client’s expectations.

5. Ambition

  • With ambition to become the leading professtional & prestigious company in logistics industry not only domestic but also international, AEL is always concerning about improving the service quality as well as creating the total solutions for clients. Every AEL member always studies, innovates & creates with the highest passion & enthusiasm to be able to accompany the client’s success better & better.

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