Vietnam ATA Carnet for Exhibition & Event – Soon to be Carnet Country

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Good news – VietNam ATA Carnet for Exhibition & Event soon in use

The International Chamber of Commerce ATA Carnet Guarantee Chain will soon expand to include the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Viet Nam will join a long list of countries and territories worldwide already admitted to the ATA Carnet system.

Vietnam Customs has issued a Decree, providing guidance of the implementation of the temporary admission mechanism under Convention on Temporary Admission to implement Customs modernization towards applying international customs standards, contributing to reducing the time and costs to facilitate trade and develop social economy.

ATA carnet is a customs document for temporary admission of goods and is accepted to replace customs declaration form and ensure payment of import tax, other taxes, late payment interest, fines, fees and charges for temporarily admitted goods. The agency issuing ATA carnet is the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

Temporarily admitted goods includes goods used at events including goods for the purpose of introducing foreign machines or display equipment, construction and decoration materials and equipment including interpreting equipment, audio and visual recording equipment, educational, scientific and cultural films used at the event.

The decree stipulates that the time limit for temporary import for re-export of temporarily admitted goods is within 12 months from the date of completing temporary import procedures and within the validity of ATA carnet (including the validity of replaced ATA carnet).

Operations are scheduled to begin May 1, 2022.  Viet Nam will accept goods coming into the country under the Exhibitions & Fairs Convention which covers the importation of goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings, or similar types of events. Kindly contact AEL for further assistance about VietNam ATA Carnet for Exhibition & Event at

Over the years, the ATA Carnet system has spread from just a few West European countries to most of the industrialized world, including a growing number of developing countries and emerging economies.

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Vietnam ATA carnet for Exhibitions & events

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